Rochelle Ranch Golf Course Review

Rochelle Ranch Golf Course Review 68

Deemed the 29th most difficult golf course in America by Golf Digest, Rochelle Ranch is a sprawling 18 hole public course along Interstate 80 in southern Wyoming.  Weaving through the rocky prairie brush the course challenges golfers to not only conquer its length (nearly 8000 yards from the tips) but also the strong westerly winds that are a constant presence…sometimes reaching 60+ mph.  A unique and memorable experience for anyone living or passing through the area.

2808 Rochelle Dr.
Rawlins, WY 82301 (Google Maps)
Rochelle Ranch Website

Men’s Tees Par 72 (rating/slope)

  • Horseshoe 7925 yards (75.9/128)
  • Antelope 7313 yards (72.4/121)
  • Coyote 6627 yards (69.1/111)
  • Spur 6297 yards (68.0/110)
  • Brand 5763 (66.0/116)

Ladies Tees Par 35 (rating slope)

  • Spur 6297 yards (74.1/130)
  • Brand 5763 (70.9/124)

Scorecard: click here
Course Designer: Ken Kavanaugh
Course Record: unknown

Typical Season (April thru October)

Green Fees (9/18 holes)

  • Monday-Thursday- $19/30
  • Friday-Sunday- $21/33
  • Juniors- $14/20

Yearly Memberships

  • Single- $410
  • Couple- $635
  • Family- $785
  • Senior- $260
  • Junior- $125
  • Yearly Cart Single- $575
  • Yearly Cart Couple- $690
  • Yearly Cart Family- $805

Rental Fees (9/18 holes)

  • Carts- $15/15
  • Pull Carts- $5
  • Rental Clubs- $12

Range Fees

  • 30 balls- $4
  • Season Membership- $200

Practice Area

Putting Green
Located on the east side of the clubhouse is Rochelle Ranch’s expansive putting green.  Though not typical of the conditions found on the course, the green is ideal for warm-ups and extended practice sessions including short game work.

Driving Range
The large all grass driving range faces in a southerly direction area from the clubhouse.  A short 250 yards in length, the range possesses accurate distance markers, but is completely exposed to the high cross winds that enter from the right side making extended practice sessions a challenge.

The Course 

Design & Layout
Carved out of the desert landscape of south central Wyoming, the sprawling layout at Rochelle Ranch fits the natural contours of the area allowing the area’s high winds and the course’s yardage to present the golfer with one of the great wild challenges on America.  Subtle elevation changes, obscured lines of sight due to the sagebrush, water hazards, and “natural bunkers” penalize any mistake. One forgiving aspect of Rochelle Ranch is the fact that the area’s elevation is roughly 7000 feet, allowing for extended ball flight.

Rochelle Ranch Golf Course Review 37Tee boxes & Fairways
The seasons can complicate playing conditions, but by and large the tee boxes are level and acceptable. The same holds true for the fairways that are a mix between level and slightly slanted lies for lay up and approach shots.

The Greens
Even under the most ideal conditions the greens at Rochelle Ranch can change from hole to hole. Varying speeds and the occasionally dead/burnt spots can make scoring well difficult.  On the best kept green, conditions are above average to good for a public course.

Hazards & Etc.
Though only 10 of the 18 holes at Rochelle Ranch have hazards, every hole welcomes the prospect of errant shots that can be swallowed up by the surrounding prairie. Simply put, finding the fairway and the green stuff is at a premium.

Playing Time
Regulars who are familiar with the course often play Rawlins in as few as 2.5 hours, while first timers might require closer to 4-4.5 hours.  Rarely do playing time exceed 4.5.

A mixture of locals and travelers patronize the course running the gamete of skill levels.

To Walk or Ride
The shear length of the course, periodical elevation changes, and distance between tee boxes make Rochelle Ranch a Cart Recommended course for the simple purpose to quick play.  However, the course is walkable and there are many who do so.

Staff, Amenities, Etc.

The staff at Rochelle Ranch is largely friendly and hospitable. The Pro Shop has a basic selection of equipment and appeal needs.

A full service restaurant and bar is located in the clubhouse building.

Beverage cart service is not available at Rochelle Ranch.

Course Images

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  1. Dan McClure

    Nice review, well done! That guy looks delicious on the 5th hole!!

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